Shader Development using Unity

The complete shader development course

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The complete shader development course

Learn about graphics pipeline, math fundamentals and how to write shaders to create extraordinary effects. Education that you need to become a graphics engineer.

Start learning from basics & fundamental and become a Pro!


After struggling with fundamental graphics math textbooks and different online resources, this course is a breath of fresh air!

- John Sollows

This course has opened up a new world for me. I am amazed how much one can achieve with just the help of shaders. Great Course.

- Sandeep Kumar

Great course so far, explanations, slides everything seems clear and top notch!

- Roman

I had an amazing time following this course. Thanks Chayan!

- Arturo Nunez

What are the requirements?

  • Must have a computer with Unity on it
What am I going to get from this course?
  • Understanding fundamentals of shader writing
  • Understanding general concepts of 3d-Graphics
  • Understanding pattern creation in shader
  • Understanding different lighting techniques
  • Understanding Optimization Techniques
  • Apply to Shader development jobs

What is the target audience?

  • If you are an absolute beginner to shader writing
  • If you are an intermediate shader writer

Sign up today, and here’s what you’ll get:

  • Over 16 hours of meticulously produced content
  • All the knowledge you need to get moving with Shader development using Unity
  • 'Course Completion Certificate' (as per request).
  • High quality videos of Visually explained concepts - 2K videos
  • Slides of all the chapters for revision
  • English subtitles for all the chapters (for non-native English speakers)
  • Full shader code for all the shaders explained in the course
  • Example Scenes with art assets
  • All shaders updated for Unity 2020
  • One seat per license
  • Facebook group : (join using your registered email id)

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Few visual examples from the course:

Course Curriculum

  Shader Development
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Description :

This course is designed for the artists, technical artists and engineers, for anyone who wants to learn about Shader development, whether you are an absolute beginner or an intermediate Shader writer, by the end of this series you will have a better understanding of Shaders and several other graphics engineering concepts.

"I am fairly certain that Shader Development has never been taught like this before and you are going to love it."

We will be writing shaders from scratch but before we write a single line of code, I will explain the concepts on the drawing board and I will be handwriting all these terms as our brain uses that time to better absorb the concept.
Aside from all the research that has gone into the content creation and design of this course, I have iterated this course several times to make them as simple as possible by breaking down complex concepts into simpler ones.
In this series, we will begin with the very basics of shader development: What is a Shader, what are its components, how they are executed by the hardware, what is rendering pipeline and what does it look like and then we will move towards further concepts like pattern creation, animation in shaders and then we will explore the whole world of lighting in shaders.

We will understand the math behind the equations used in the shaders step by step, if you are not coming from the math background that is totally fine, if you can add, subtract, multiply and divide, I will take care of explaining all the equations used in the shaders.

We will also understand vector calculations, dot product, cross product, matrix system, different types of matrices used in computer graphics, coordinate systems, coordinate spaces and their transformations.

We will be using Unity and CG-shader language to write the shaders but the concepts that we will use will be the same for almost every other shading language, whether you are using CG-shaders, OpenGl, HLSl or any other shader programming language.

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Your Instructor

Chayan Vinayak Goswami
Chayan Vinayak Goswami

Technical Artist, Facebook.

I have been working as a Technical-Artist for over 12 years. I have been fortunate enough to work on several world renowned games and platforms such as Instagram AR-effects, Star-wars Commander, Madden, NCAA, Club-Penguin etc. where I contributed by creating art asset pipelines, tools, writing game-play code, optimizing art assets, troubleshooting and solving problems with that I learnt several tips and tricks.

I have authored two online courses on one of the most difficult subjects to break down and explain using visual-style to make it simple for everyone to understand.

- Maya Python API and
- Shader Development.

I have directed and edited a documentary on meditation - "The Science and Spirituality of Meditation" which you can watch on iTunes and Amazon.

Linkedin :
Email : [email protected]

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